6 Things To Do In Berlin, Germany On A Budget

Some of the best things to do in Berlin, Germany while traveling Europe on a budget! 

Berlin is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe, especially for backpackers and study abroad students.

It is a quirky and unique city, with a wild nightlife, incredible architecture, and lots of history.

It’s definitely worth stopping in Berlin while traveling through Germany. It’s the country’s capital and it is conveniently linked by train, bus or plane to other popular European destinations.

For budget travelers, it is very easy to see Berlin on a budget.

There are lots of great hostels, though they’re pricier here than other places in Europe (Think 15-20 Euros for a dorm bed. Cheaper than a hotel, but more expensive than other hostels).

But it’s also popular to enjoy Berlin on a budget while sightseeing and exploring.

The city has lots of free activities and landmarks, and public transport and food in certain areas is quite cheap as well.

Here are 6 of the best things to do in Berlin, Germany on a budget.

6 Best Things To Do In Berlin On A Budget

1. Take Advantage of Public Transport

Berlin is a hard city to explore completely on foot. It is massive and it has lots of different districts.

So walk when you can, as that’s the cheapest way to explore Berlin. But to see all the city’s best spots, take the affordable public transport.

Get a Berlin Welcome Card for about 30 Euros which includes public transport and discounts on partnered attractions. This is a great way to save money if you’ll be taking lots of transport.

The U-Bahn is the underground metro system that connects most districts in the city center.

The S-Bahn is the overground railway system that connects the city center to further destinations, such as airports and big parks.

Every station has a map so you can figure out your journey. Lots of Germans also speak English so you can ask for help if necessary.

Always remember to validate your ticket in one of the designated machines at each station before boarding the train. Otherwise, you could get fined.

u bahn Berlin germany
U-Bahn Station in Berlin

2. Embrace the Parks

Though Berlin is a big crowded city, it has lots of lovely parks and gardens.

Visiting a park is one of the best things to do in Berlin on a budget.

You get to observe the culture, enjoy the weather, and spend no money at all because all Berlin’s public parks are free!

One of the best parks in Berlin is the Tiergarten. It is located super close to the city center, it’s full of great walking paths and green spaces, and it has a beautiful rose garden.

There are lots of other gorgeous parks farther out from the city center if you want to take a day trip there, like Volkspark, Treptower Park, and Viktoria Park. 

park Berlin germany
Strolling through a park is a great way to enjoy Berlin on a budget.

3. Visit the Historical Landmarks

Berlin played an important role in lots of historical events throughout the 20th Century. There are historical landmarks everywhere to prove it.

There are lots of incredible museums in Berlin but they all cost money.

If you really want to enjoy Berlin on a budget, you can learn about Berlin’s history through its free landmarks rather than paying for all the museums.

(If you’re a real history buff or museum enthusiast, don’t skip out on the museums! But most of them cost money, around 10-20 Euros.)

Aside from museums, some of the best free landmarks in Berlin include:

Checkpoint Charlie:  The iconic crossing point between the former East and West Berlin. It’s right in the middle of the street on Friedrichstraße 43-45, and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum is right next to it.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:  A surreal and eerie monument composed of over 2,000 concrete blocks of different sizes.

The Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism: A hidden and less popular historical monument in Berlin, composed of a small fountain with inscriptions in the stones surrounding it.

memorial Berlin germany
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

4. Explore the Multicultural Neighborhoods

Berlin has many international communities full of immigrants from all over the world.

Certain areas have large concentrations of immigrants, creating a wonderful mix of cultures in Berlin.

For example, Vietnamese immigrants tend to congregate in the Lichtenberg borough, and there is a huge Turkish community in the Kreuzberg borough.

Visit these areas to eat at some incredible restaurants or shop in a local market. Here you can appreciate the wide range of cultures that have planted their roots in Berlin.

The street markets here are also incredibly affordable, and the restaurants tend to be cheaper than the touristy areas in the center of Berlin.

Berlin Germany travel food
The international markets in Berlin are perfect for finding cheap fruits!

5. Scope out the Street Art

Berlin is a very artsy and creative city.

Street art is everywhere, most of which you’ll stumble upon by mistake.

But you can take a guided street art tour if you want to see all the coolest art in the city. (Book your 3-hour street art tour here for 17 USD!)

The most famous place to find street art in Berlin is the East Side Gallery, where the remaining section of the Berlin Wall has become an open-air art museum.

Artists from all over the globe have painted the wall with their own unique images, some political, some crazy and colorful, some simple, and some downright confusing. It’s one of the coolest places to see in Berlin.

It is free to walk through the East Side Gallery, and it is easily one of the best things to do in Berlin on a budget.

east side gallery
Inspiring art at the East Side Gallery

Berlin’s most popular tourist attractions are famous for a reason.

They are all incredible pieces of architecture and historical symbolism.

One of the best things to do in Berlin on a budget is having your own walking tour of these famous landmarks.

The Brandenburg Gate, the Berliner Dom, and the Reichstag Building are all amazing things to see in Berlin, even if they’re super touristy.

Certain places like the Parliament Building can be entered for a small price if you’re interested.

But personally, I was perfectly happy just admiring the buildings from the outside, and I saved money that way.

berliner dom
The gorgeous Berliner Dom, also known as the Berlin Cathedral

☼ ☼ ☼

So those are 6 of my favorite things to do in Berlin, Germany on a budget!

I’ve visited this city twice now, and loved it both times.

I always use these budget travel tips to save money, and I actually have a few more travel tips for Germany for you:

Visas for Germany: You probably don’t need a visa to visit Germany if you’re staying for under 90 days. But you should check visa requirements on iVisa.com just to be safe.

Travel Insurance for Germany: I always browse the travel insurance plans on Squaremouth Insurance before a trip. They have lots of affordable plans and a live chat on their website so you can ask questions and get a quick response.

Hostels: Visit Hostelworld to find the best hostels in Berlin! Look for the ones with the best reviews from other travelers.

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