non touristy things to do in rome

Non Touristy Things To Do In Rome, Italy

Want to get off the beaten path and see some non-touristy Rome attractions? Here are some ways to get in touch with authentic Roman culture while traveling in Italy's capital city. As one of the most visited cities in Europe and the world, Rome has plenty of well-known tourist attractions. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are …

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Best Vegetarian Street Food In Rome

Where to find the best vegetarian street food in Rome, Italy's beautiful capital city. Italian food is like a magnet that attracts travelers to Italy. Full of carbs, simple flavors, and fresh ingredients, Italian dishes always satisfy the heart as well as the tastebuds. Eating street food is cheaper than eating in restaurants, as most budget …

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Unexpected Things To Love About Rome

Here are some of my favorite unexpected things to love about Rome! I have now lived in Rome for about a month. The last 36 days have been a blur with countless new faces and new job responsibilities consuming all my time and flooding my headspace. As I become acquainted with more and more people, …

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First Impressions of Italy

My first impressions of living and working in Italy as a tour guide. Despite the title, this is not my first time in Italy. My first visit to this beautiful country was in 1996 as an infant. Then, my family proceeded to live here from 1999 to 2000. Since then I've been lucky enough to …

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