How To Spend A Weekend in Brussels, Belgium (On A Budget!)

How to spend a weekend in Brussels, Belgium, on a budget! Including plenty of chocolate, museums, and architecture.

All I need right now is vegetables and a horizontal bed, because I just spent the weekend in Brussels, Belgium.

This statement may not make any sense yet, but after I summarize the highlights of this trip you will understand my needs.

My two friends and I just took a weekend trip from London to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.

We were excited to explore the city and treat ourselves to some Belgian chocolate.

We’re also students and don’t have lots of money. So we wanted to figure out how to explore Brussels on a budget without missing out on anything fun!

So here is a recap of our weekend. I’ll highlight how to spend a weekend in Brussels, Belgium on a budget.

budget travel how to spend a weekend in Brussels

How To Spend A Weekend In Brussels, Belgium On A Budget

I’ll include transportation to Brussels, where to stay for a cheap price, and the best Brussels attractions that won’t break the bank.

Cheap Transport to Belgium

We chose the cheapest form of transport we possibly could when traveling to Belgium: an overnight bus from London.

We used Megabus, and the round-trip journey only cost about $25.

So although the bus was cramped and didn’t have reclining seats and I barely slept, you can’t beat that price!

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Budget Accommodation in Brussels

Even hostel dorm rooms in Brussels are a bit pricey. The cheapest ones cost 19 USD per night for a dorm bed.

But that’s pretty standard for western Europe, and it’s still cheaper than a hotel.

We stayed in Meininger Brussels City Center.

It was within walking distance from all the best attractions in Brussels and cost 19 USD per night.

Browse other Brussels hostels on Hostelworld!

The Best Affordable Things To Do In Brussels

After arriving in Brussels and checking into the hostel, we were ready to explore Brussels on a budget!

Here are all the best things to do in Brussels that were either free or overall very affordable.

Even though we didn’t pay for any guided tours or treat ourselves to any lavish meals, we still had so much fun.

1. Eat Belgian Waffles

One of the best things to do in Brussels is eat Belgian waffles. You simply cannot skip this.

There are waffle shops and cafes everywhere in the city center. They all sell freshly-made waffles with a wide array of toppings.

We experienced our first Belgian waffles at Gaufres de Bruxelles, a tiny little restaurant with amazing food.

The flaky pastry topped with strawberries and melted chocolate made for an incredible first meal in Brussels.

belgian waffle how to spend a weekend in Brussels

2. Tour the Museum of Musical Instruments

After exploring more of the city’s architecture and strolling through parks littered with crisp fall leaves, we paid six euros to tour the Museum of Musical Instruments.

This turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip. The instruments were beautiful and interesting.

They also gave us headphones that played recordings of the instruments as you walked by them.

This interactive museum was so entertaining. Once you reached the tenth floor of the building you could enjoy an amazing view of the city.

3. Eat Belgian Chocolate

The rich delicacy that is Belgian chocolate clearly represents a central part of the culture in Belgium.

We couldn’t walk two feet without coming face to face with a decadent chocolate shop.

After admiring the picturesque displays of sweets, we decided to tour the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate and indulge in endless samples.

The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm and costs 9.50 Euros for adults.

We also bought our own chocolate from one of the enticing shops in the street, filling a three euro bag full of interesting flavors.

I savored every single bite of chocolate on this trip. It was all so delicious!

belgian chocolate how to spend a weekend in Brussels

4. Admire the Grand Place and Architecture in Brussels

Belgium not only appealed to my taste buds, but the stunning sights also excited my eyes every time I turned a corner.

Being an old city with lots of history, much of the architecture of Brussels has medieval and baroque influence.

The most incredible area of the whole city was the Grand Place. This large square is lined with magnificent buildings laced with shimmering gold.

Brussels Town Hall is the coolest building in the Grand Place. It has a tall, ornate tower and detailed carvings of people and images.

I stared at the Brussels Town Hall for so long and still could not absorb all of the decoration.

The best thing about admiring the Grand Place: it’s free!

grand place how to spend a weekend in Brussels
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how to spend a weekend in Brussels

5. Eat Belgian Fries

Our food adventures continued when we tasted the classic Belgian fries from Belgian Frites.

The fries were crispy yet soft, and deliciously salty.

I was lucky that one of my friends spoke French so she helped us order and navigate around all of Brussels. French is just as common as the native language of Belgium, Flemish.

Belgium is actually the creator of fries, not the French. Another great place to try classic Belgian fries is Fritland.

belgian fries

☼ ☼ ☼

I hope you’ve learned how to spend a weekend in Brussels on a budget!

Overall, Brussels contains all the best elements of a European city.

There are open-air markets with fresh food and aromatic flowers.

You’ll also find adorable shops selling interesting, hand-made goods. And local musicians serenading you with inspiring music as you meander through the cobblestone streets.

There are other famous Brussels attractions like Mannekin Pis or Atomium that of course make a great addition to any Brussels itinerary.

But they weren’t particularly highlights of the city, in my experience, so I didn’t want to go into too much detail.

Brussels was the perfect city to experience during a short weekend trip.

It is small and most of the attractions are near the beautiful Grand Place.

It is an easy city to explore on foot, so it’s perfect for budget travelers with little time.

I mean, the chocolate alone is enough incentive to come to Brussels, but all the other amazing qualities simply add to the experience.

how to spend a weekend in Brussels Belgium europe

That summarizes how to spend a weekend in Brussels, Belgium!

If you do have more time and more money to spend, I recommend checking out Get Your Guide.

They have some fun tours and activities in Brussels that are very affordable.

From chocolate-making workshops to walking tours to pub crawls, there are plenty more fun things to do in Brussels, Belgium.

Before traveling to Belgium…

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