Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains: Hiking Guide

A complete guide to the Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains hike, also known as the Burramoko Ridge Trail.

The Blue Mountains are my go-to day trip from Sydney.

Whenever I want to escape the city and inhale that crisp mountain wilderness air, I head west to the Blue Mountains.

Though I’ve done so many cool activities in the Blue Mountains over the years, I recently visited Hanging Rock for the first time. I was completely blown away!

The hike to Hanging Rock was pretty easy and peaceful. There were barely any crowds, which is sometimes rare in the Blue Mountains.

And all the lookouts on the hike were absolutely incredible. Hanging Rock itself is a jaw-dropping natural wonder, and stepping onto it infused me with a bit of fear and adrenaline.

This hike was so amazing that I decided to write a hiking guide dedicated solely to Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains!

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Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains: Hiking Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains hike!

The trail itself is actually called the Burramoko Ridge Fire Trail, or the Burramoko Trail. People just refer to it as the Hanging Rock Trail because Hanging Rock is the main attraction at the end of the hike.

It’s a moderate trail that most reasonably fit people can handle, and the lookouts at the end are too good to miss. So add this hike to your Blue Mountains bucket list!

Burramoko Ridge Trail Facts:

  • Distance: 10km return (out and back)
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours, depending on how long you spend at the lookouts
  • What To Pack: Comfy walking shoes, water, sunscreen, camera, sunglasses, snacks
  • Starting Point: Burramoko Ridge Trail Parking Area, right off Ridgewell Road
  • Official website: NSW National Parks – Burramoko Ridge (Hanging Rock) Trail

How To Get To Hanging Rock Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock is located on a remote cliff edge in the Blue Mountains. You can only reach it by hiking or cycling along the Burramoko Ridge Trail – you can’t drive to it!

This just makes the views even more rewarding because you have to hike the 5km trail to get there.

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Hanging Rock Blue Mountains Parking

You can, however, drive to the start of the trail.

From Blackheath, head north along the Great Western Highway. Just as you’re leaving the town centre you’ll turn right onto Ridgewell Road.

Follow this road for about 2.5km until the road ends and is cut off by a locked gate. To the right of the gate there is a small dirt parking area.

Parking is free and there are no designated spaces. On a weekend, parking may fill up fast so try to arrive early.

Once you find a spot to park, follow the Burramoko Trail straight the entire way!

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Is Hanging Rock a hard walk?

The hike to Hanging Rock is quite easy because it’s flat and straight. But it’s 5km one way, so it’s pretty long and there are steep sections at the end.

However, the majority of the trail is super chill. You’ll meader peacefully along the forest path for about 1-1.5 hours, with yellow wildflowers adorning the walkway and gum trees shading your route.

You’ll know you’re getting close to Hanging Rock when the trees grow more sparse and you reach a short but steep rocky section.

Before you can see Hanging Rock itself, you’ll find yourself at Baltzer Lookout. You’re literally emerging out of the forest and onto a majestic cliff edge.

The walk from here to Hanging Rock takes you down some steep stairs that you have to walk back up when you return. This is the only moderately hard part of the hike.

burramoko ridge trail
The majority of the Burramoko Ridge Fire Trail looks like this – flat, straight, and lined with wildflowers!

Baltzer Lookout

This is the first amazing lookout you’ll see once you near the end of the Burramoko Ridge Fire Trail.

Baltzer Lookout is an unofficial lookout spot atop the edge of the rocky cliffs.

There are no fences or safety measures in place, so be careful! Especially if you’re hiking with children, keep them far away from the cliff edges.

You can’t even see Hanging Rock yet, but the views of the rugged cliffs and sprawling valleys are already mind-blowing.

As you continue following the cliff edge, you’ll see stone stairs descending down the other side of the rocks. Follow these stairs to Hanging Rock!

baltzer lookout blue mountains
Views from the Baltzer Lookout
baltzer lookout
Overlooking the Grose Wilderness from Baltzer Lookout. There are no fences and you can get right up to the cliff edge – it’s amazing and terrifying!

Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains

As you follow the Hanging Rock hike down the edge of the mountain, you’ll get numerous viewpoints of the impressive rock formation.

The steps can be steep and there are still no fences, so use caution while hiking. Especially if you’re distracted while taking photos, stay far away from the cliff edges!

And trust me, you’ll be taking tons of photos!

Hanging Rock is a massive sheet of sandstone cliff that appears to be dangling off the edge of the mountain ridge.

This fantastic rock formation paired with the dramatic views of the Grose Valley and the surrounding cliffs makes for a stunning sight.

Can you climb onto Hanging Rock?

You can climb right onto Hanging Rock if you’re brave!

Again, there are no fences, barriers, or safety measures on the Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains hike. So you can walk right up close to the Hanging Rock and even jump onto it.

But you do so at your own risk!

You can see that Hanging Rock is separated from the cliff edge, so there is no telling how stable it actually is.

There is a decent gap in between the rock and the cliff as well. So you have to jump the crack to get onto Hanging Rock.

I consider myself to be pretty brave, and I was super scared making the jump. I knew I could make it, but the gap was just wide enough to have me filled with nerves and adrenaline.

Once you’re on the rock it feels completely stable. But again, who knows when Hanging Rock will decide to fully detach from the cliffs – I definitely didn’t want to stay up there for long!

After admiring the view of Hanging Rock, turn around and hike back the exact same way you came.

hanging rock blue mountains hike
You can see there is a gap between the top of Hanging Rock and the cliff edge. You have to jump it and it’s scary!

Is Hanging Rock Worth it?

Yes! Hanging Rock is absolutely worth it, and it’s one of the best day hikes in the Blue Mountains.

The hike itself is so easy and tranquil, yet the views are so insanely magical.

It’s basically impossible to get lost since the Burramoko Trail is flat and straight. Yet you do get a bit of a thrill when you explore the wild, clifftop viewpoints at the end of the trail.

The Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains hike is also conveniently located right near the town of Blackheath. It’s super accessible and easy to find, and the views are outstanding!

blue mountains hiking scenery
More stunning valley views if you continue walking past Hanging Rock

Things To Do In Blackheath

Blackheath is a charming country town in the western part of Blue Mountains National Park.

After your hike to Hanging Rock, you’ll pass right through the town on your way back to Sydney or elsewhere.

Take some time to stroll around this adorable town. Admire the artwork, browse the shops, or grab a bite at a local cafe.

Or you can check out another nearby lookout such as Evans Lookout, Govetts Leap Lookout, or Mount Blackheath Lookout.

Continue south down to the Megalong Valley to go wine tasting, or continue east to explore Katoomba and see iconic sights like the Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls.

The Hanging Rock Hike will only take a few hours, so make the most of your time in the Blue Mountains and try to pack in some more fun!

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mount blackheath lookout
Mount Blackheath Lookout at sunset

Thanks for reading my hiking guide to Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains!

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