How To Spend A Weekend In Blackheath, Blue Mountains

Wondering how to spend a weekend in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains? Here is my ultimate itinerary that includes the best Blackheath hikes, lookouts, cafes, and more.

The Blue Mountains is one of my favorite places in all of Australia!

From the crisp, fresh air, to the the dramatic valleys and rugged peaks, to the refreshing waterfalls and streams, it’s a truly gorgeous area of New South Wales.

And it’s just west of Sydney! Depending on where in the city you depart from, you can be in the midst of the Blue Mountains wilderness in just 1-2 hours.

The Blue Mountains are one of my go-to day trips from Sydney.

But sometimes it’s nice to spend a whole weekend there so you have more time.

I recently spent a weekend in Blackheath, one of the charming little towns on the western side of the Blue Mountains National Park. It was one of my favorite Blue Mountains trips yet, and I’ve been there almost 10 times.

So I’ve decided to write this post that will outline how to spend a weekend in Blackheath.

This is based on my own research that I did for my weekend there, and it was seriously the perfect weekend in my opinion!

Blackheath vs. Katoomba

Many visitors to the Blue Mountains may be wondering if they should stay in Blackheath or Katoomba.

These are two of the main tourist towns in the Blue Mountains.

Having visited both, I personally prefer Blackheath. It’s smaller, a bit more relaxed, and much less touristy.

Not only is Blackheath town less crowded than Katoomba, but the hikes and lookouts in this area are generally less crowded as well.

That being said, Katoomba is bigger and therefore has more options in terms of cafes, restaurants, shops, and accommodations.

So if you want fewer crowds, stay in Blackheath. If you want more dining options and nightlife, stay in Katoomba.

Blackheath and Katoomba are only a 15 minute drive apart as well, so you can easily visit both towns in one weekend.

How To Get To Blackheath

I would recommend a car for spending a weekend in Blackheath. It’s just much easier to get around. So if you don’t have a car, consider renting one for your weekend trip.

From eastern Sydney, it’s about a 2 hour drive to Blackheath. I recommend leaving on Friday night after 6:30pm so you can skip the city traffic.

However, you can take the train from Sydney to Blackheath! If you don’t have a car and don’t want to rent one, ride the Blue Mountains Line from Central Station in Sydney.

You’ll arrive in Blackheath in just over 2 hours.

The town center with all the shops and accommodation is right next to the train station.

There are also some great lookouts and hikes that are under an hour’s walk from Blackheath Station. But you may want to take Ubers.

I would still recommend a car as the best way to get around the Blue Mountains!

How To Spend A Weekend In Blackheath, Blue Mountains

For this weekend in Blackheath, I’ll assume you’re arriving on Friday night after driving here after a work day.

Before diving into the itinerary, here are some recommendations about where to stay.

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Where To Stay For A Weekend In Blackheath

Where you choose to stay is up to you! As a budget traveler, I literally chose the cheapest accommodation in Blackheath, the Gardners Inn Hotel.

This historic hotel is right on the main street and on top of a pub. It cost $100 per night for a small room with a double bed and shared bathroom facilities. This is the most affordable you can get in Blackheath besides free camping!

But since we visited in the middle of winter, we thought camping would be too cold so we opted for the hotel.

I didn’t sleep great because of the loud train frequently passing by outside our window, but the heated blanket kept us warm. Plus, we came for the nature and not the hotel ambiance so I didn’t really care where we stayed.

Blackheath is so small that there are no hostels. If you’re looking for backpacker hostels, Katoomba is the only place in the Blue Mountains that has them.

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Weekend In Blackheath – Saturday

Get ready for an action-packed day in the Blue Mountains! This itinerary is exactly what Matt and I did. Honestly, it was basically a perfect day.

Breakfast At Hounslow

We started our weekend in Blackheath with an early breakfast at Hounslow. This cute cafe is located right in the town center and has some unique, trendy breakfast options and delicious batch brew coffee.

After fueling up, we drove about 12 minutes away to the start of the Hanging Rock Trail, also known as the Burramoko Ridge Trail.

weekend in the blackheath breakfast
Delicious breakfast to kick off our weekend in Blackheath!

Hanging Rock Trail (Burramoko Ridge Trail)

This is one of the most incredible hikes in the Blue Mountains!

Just put the Burramoko Ridge Trail into Google Maps and there is a small parking area where the track begins.

This hike is 10km return and takes about 2-3 hours.

Though it’s quite a long trail, most of it is flat and easy. Towards the end, you’ll emerge onto some crazy cliffs that stick out into the valley.

The views are insane, and it’s a bit sketchy because there are no railings or fences separating the rock formations from the cliff edge! So just be careful.

The first epic lookout is Baltzer Lookout, and you can see Hanging Rock a bit further down the cliff.

Follow the cliffside stairs down to Hanging Rock so you can see the monstrous cliff barely clinging to the mountains.

You can jump across and get some cool photos on Hanging Rock itself, but it’s scary and there are no fences to save you if you slip.

I was terrified but I made the jump anyway and it was unbelievable!

Matt standing on Hanging Rock

Megalong Valley Tea Rooms

After spending a few hours hiking out in nature, we were ready for a delicious lunch.

The Megalong Valley Tea Room is an adorable little cafe that was a 30 minute drive from the Hanging Rock Trailhead.

You drive back through Blackheath and then descend down Megalong Road. This windy route is incredibly scenic because you’re trailing down the edge of the Blue Mountains and heading to lower elevations.

Once you reach Megalong Valley, you’ll see the quaint Tea Rooms on the right.

With cozy outdoor seating surrounded by farm animals and towering cliffs, it’s a beautiful spot for lunch.

I recommend the Ploughman’s Plate, which includes a warm baguette, local cheese and ham, and delicious fresh veggies from their farm.

Alternative Lunch Idea: Megalong Valley Wineries

While you’re in Megalong Valley, there are some cool wineries you can visit as well!

We personally weren’t in the mood for wine, but we researched two top-rated wineries where you could also go for lunch and wine tastings.

Megalong Creek Estate and Dryrigde Estate both have cellar doors and interesting wine menus.

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Coachwood Glen Nature Trail

As you head back into Blackheath from the Megalong Valley, take a few detours off of Megalong Road. There are some beautiful woodland trails right off the edge of the narrow, winding road.

The first is Coachwood Glen Nature Trail.

This 600m loop is short and sweet, but it’s seriously stunning.

Spend about 20 minutes walking through the dense, cool rainforest and admiring the streams, ferns, vines, and twisted trees.

Everything is so lush and green, and I felt like my soul was cleansed after this quick little loop walk.

Coachwood Glen Nature Trail
Coachwood Glen Nature Trail

Mermaids Cave Walk

Next, drive a bit further up Megalong Road and pull over for the Mermaids Cave Walk.

The entrance to this trail is right on a sharp corner in the road, so drive slowly and only pull over if there is space.

Mermaids Cave Walk is a short, 10-minute descend down into the forest. There is a short but steep staircase carved into the dense sandstone.

At the bottom of the staircase you’ll find a small waterfall tumbling down the cliffs and into a tiny pool.

It’s not the most impressive waterfall you’ll ever see, but it’s still a tranquil spot worth checking out!

Sunset At Mount Blackheath Lookout

Finish off your day in Blackheath with a bang!

Mount Blackheath Lookout is one of the best places to watch the sunset. It’s a 15-minute drive from the Blackheath town center.

This peaceful spot overlooks the valley on the western side of the Blue Mountains. There are charming houses, rolling hills, farms, and more mountains in the distance.

Watch the sun drop down over the edge of the mountains, and be on the lookout for paragliders drifting in the air above you. Mount Blackheath is a super popular paragliding spot!

For this weekend in Blackheath itinerary, I’ll leave Saturday night open. Matt and I were so tired after our day of exploring that we just had snacks for dinner and passed out early.

But there are some great restaurants and a few bars if you want to go out! I recommend just strolling around the streets and finding somewhere cozy.

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Weekend In Blackheath – Sunday

On the second day of this weekend in Blackheath itinerary, take on some more amazing hikes!

Obviously the time you choose to leave will affect how much you can get done. We left around noon so we could have the afternoon free at home, but we still had time for an incredible hike and a few lookouts.

Sunrise At Govetts Leap Lookout

Start your day with a sunrise at Govetts Leap Lookout. This is one of the most accessible lookouts from Blackheath town center – it’s just a 5-minute drive!

So you can literally roll out of bed right before sunrise and make it to the viewing platform in time.

It’s definitely worth waking up for sunrise at least once during your weekend in Blackheath.

Sunrise at Govetts Leap Lookout
Sunrise at Govetts Leap Lookout

Breakfast At Blackheath Deli

After sunrise, we needed some fuel for our upcoming hike. It was only about 7:15am and not many places in Blackheath were open this early on a Sunday.

But we found Blackheath Deli, a tiny corner store with a small menu and a deli window.

It’s a cozy little spot where you can get a coffee, have breakfast, and order a freshly-made take away sandwich.

If you need a grab and go lunch for a day of hiking, Blackheath Deli is the perfect place!

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Perry’s Lookdown to Acacia Flat Campground Hike

The day hike we chose to take on is the famous Perrys Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest.

This hike is basically a super steep descent down the mountains and onto the forest floor. It’s challenging, but so beautiful!

Once you make it to the ground at the bottom of the mountains, you’ll see the sign that you’ve made it to the Blue Gum Forest. You can continue on for another 10 minutes to Acacia Flat Campground, which is a peaceful clearing beneath the trees.

Next to the campground there is a small, calm river where you can cool off if you can stand the cold water!

After a rest and a swim, get your legs ready for a steep climb back to the top! The total hike is about 6km long and takes 2-3 hours.

Perry's Lookdown weekend in blackheath
Views at the top of Perry’s Lookdown

Check Out Anvil Rock Lookout

Just a few minutes drive from Perrys Lookdown, there is a small parking lot that leads to two different lookouts.

I never tire of visiting lookouts in the Blue Mountains because the views are always just so dramatic and gorgeous.

From the Anvil Rock Lookout parking area, the trail to the right takes you to this wonderful viewpoint.

weekend in blackheath anvil rock lookout
Anvil Rock Lookout – shoutout Matt for being the reluctant model in all my photos

Walk To Wind Eroded Cave Lookout

Once you return to the parking lot, there is another short trail to the left that takes you to the Wind Eroded Cave.

This is basically a huge cliff with unique textures and colors formed by erosion.

It’s pretty cool and again, is only about a 5 minute walk from the car park.

wind eroded cave weekend in blackheath
Wind Eroded Cave

Alternative Hikes From Govetts Leap – Clifftop Track or Pulpit Rock Track

Perrys Lookdown is a very steep hike, but there are some other lovely day walks nearby for those who want something less strenuous.

Govetts Leap Lookout is the start of two other epic trails that follow the edge of the mountains.

The Clifftop Track is a medium-grade trail that links Govetts Leap Lookout with Evans Lookout. It’s about 6km return and isn’t steep because you’re walking along the top of the valley for most of it.

The Pulpit Rock Track snakes along the other side of the mountains and leads to an impressive rock formation known as Pulpit Rock. This trail is about 7km return and is also not very challenging or steep.

NOTE: Check the NSW National Parks website for up-to-date info about any trails before you hike. Sometimes there are closures in place due to weather or maintenance.

travel in the blue mountains, new South Wales, Sydney Australia
Pulpit Rock

Lunch At Victory Cafe and Explore Blackheath

After your morning hike, spend some time exploring the charming town center before you head home after your weekend in Blackheath.

There are some cool shops, galleries, and cafes as well as some colorful street art. Sometimes there are markets on as well!

If you need somewhere to grab a bite, Victory Cafe is a must. The cafe is set in the historic Victory Theatre which has been around for over 100 years.

The space also holds a large collection of antiques which are fun to browse through.

travel in the blue mountains, new South Wales, Sydney Australia
The vibrant parking lot outside the historic Victory Cafe

Drive Back To Sydney

After an amazing weekend in Blackheath, drive back to Sydney! Or wherever home is for you.

I’ve visited the Blue Mountains so many times, and this recent weekend in Blackheath was one of my absolute favorite experiences!

The hikes, food, sunrises, sunsets, swims, lookouts, coffees, shops, were all lovely. The weather was perfect, even if it was a bit cold.

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Costs For A Weekend In Blackheath

Because this is a budget travel blog, I’ll include the total costs for this weekend trip.

I’m always walking that fine line between saving money and having cool experiences. And as I get older, I’m getting more comfortable with spending money on things I love!

So while the old me would have tried to do this weekend as cheaply as possible, we did treat ourselves.

Yet we still didn’t spend very much! Most attractions in the Blue Mountains are completely free, so we only paid for the hotel, fuel, food, and a book.

Here is what the costs looked like:

  • 2 Nights at Gardens Inn Hotel – $200
  • Fuel – $60
  • Meals and coffees – $140
  • Snacks – $40
  • Book from the bookstore – $20

Total – $460 (or $230 each)

For a perfect weekend in the Blue Mountains, $230 is pretty cheap! Especially in Australia, where most stuff is expensive and prices just keep going up. But it was all worth it.

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how to spend a weekend in blackheath blue mountains

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