23 Stunning Waterfalls Near Sydney

Enjoy this list of my favorite waterfalls near Sydney. I’ll include some of my favorite spots in the Royal National Park, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, and beyond.

Sydney is a huge and exciting city. There are museums, nightclubs, restaurants, and impressive landmarks to entertain any traveler. 

But the real magic lies in the forests and mountains outside the city center. 

Raw, rugged wilderness clings to the borders of Sydney. The national parks feel remote and wild, yet they are located so close to civilization. 

So whether you are living in Sydney or you’re just visiting, a short drive out of the city will bring you to some gorgeous natural landscapes. 

Powerful rivers and towering cliffs are plentiful in this corner of New South Wales. That means there are also plenty of waterfalls near Sydney!

My favorite way to spend a day off is hopping in the car with my Aussie boyfriend/chauffeur and driving into the nature outside Sydney in search of a waterfall or a good hiking trail. 

Luckily, there are so many stunning waterfalls near Sydney. 

In this article, I’ll list some of my favorite ones. I hope this inspires you to get out and explore the beauty of nature, either in Sydney or anywhere in the world. 

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23 Stunning Waterfalls Near Sydney

After listing each waterfall, I’ll include the location and distance from the city, as well as any helpful tips for how to get there. 

When listing the distances from Sydney, I’ll consider Sydney Harbor to be the starting point. This is the main city center, and if you’re a tourist, chances are you’ll be staying around here. 

Sydney is huge, so if you’re staying in the Northern Beaches or down in the Sutherland Shire then the driving distances may change. 

Most of these waterfalls near Sydney can be visited on a day trip. Some of them are a few hours driving so you may prefer doing them on a weekend trip.

For more ideas, check out my article about the 15 Best Day Trips From Sydney!

1. Kelly’s Falls

Kelly’s Falls is easily accessible from the city, yet it feels like a secret spot that only you have discovered. 

It’s not even located in an official national park, it’s just in the bush off the side of a pretty busy road. 

However, the only way to get to the bottom of the falls is climbing down the cliffs through the bush. There isn’t a marked trail, and it’s a bit sketchy. It would definitely be dangerous when wet. 

The best way to find Kelly’s Falls is to go with a local who knows the way. Once you reach the bottom, admire the beautiful waterfall and swim in the pools if you want. 

There is also a second waterfall not far away if you continue meandering through the bush. 

  • Location: Helensburgh
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour
  • How To Get There: Navigate your way to Lawrence Hargrave Drive near Helensburgh/Stanwell Park. There is a small sign on the edge of the road for “Kelly’s Falls”, though it can be hard to find and may take you a few drive-bys to find it. Park at the Picnic Area and the falls are just a short walk away through the bush. 
travel in Australia, Kelly's falls nature
The first Kelly’s Falls waterfall
Kellys falls waterfalls near Sydney
The second Kelly’s Falls Waterfall

2. Somersby Falls

Accessed via a short, 100m walking track from Somersby Falls Picnic Area, this waterfall is a super popular getaway from Sydney in the summer.

The temperate rainforest scenery lies within Brisbane Water National Park. Though the trail is short, there are a few stone steps to climb.

With multiple tiers cascading down layers of rocks, this is one of the best waterfalls near Sydney.

It can get super crowded on weekends, especially in summer. The car park opens at 8am daily and closes at 5pm in winter and 8pm in summer.

  • Location: Somersby, Central Coast
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour 
  • How To Get There: Take the M1 north towards the Central Coast. Exit onto Wisemans Ferry Road and then turn onto Somersby Falls Road until you reach the picnic area.

3. Curracurrong Falls

This waterfall is unique because it tumbles off a cliff directly into the ocean. It’s an incredible sight to see, and is definitely one of the best waterfalls near Sydney. 

Located in the Royal National Park, you can access this waterfall by hiking along the Coast Track

The Coast Track is a walking trail that lines the entire coastline of the park. You can tackle the entire 26km trail all at once, or just walk small sections at a time. 

Most people will choose to just visit Curracurrong Falls.

From the Wattamolla Car Park, follow the coast track until you get to the falls, and then walk back the way you came. This takes a couple of hours and is 7.4 km round trip. 

Curracurrong Falls is right next to Eagle Rock, a nearby jagged cliff face that resembles an eagle’s head. 

  • Location: Royal National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Park at Wattamolla Car Park in the Royal National Park. Then follow the Coast Track south until you see the falls tumbling over the cliffs.
Views of Curracurrong Falls from Eagle Rock

4. Winifred Falls

This is one of the best waterfalls near Sydney to visit if you want to escape the crowds. 

Winifred Falls is located in the popular Royal National Park, but it’s more inland. The coast gets most of the attention in the park. 

You can reach this waterfall via a short and easy hiking trail.

There is one steep hill, but it’s very doable for people of all fitness levels. The entire hike is only about 30 minutes. 

Winifred Falls itself is quite short and small, but it’s incredibly peaceful and remote. There is a large pool at the bottom where you can swim if you like. 

I just love that no one really visits this waterfall. We visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon and had the entire trail and waterfall to ourselves. 

  • Location: Royal National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour 
  • How To Get There: Head into the Royal National Park via Sir Bertram Stevens Drive. Turn onto Warumbal Road, and shortly you’ll see a sign for the Winifred Falls Firetrail. Park anywhere on the side of the road, and follow the trail until you reach the waterfall and swimming hole. 
The small and peaceful Winifred Falls

5. Upper Gledhill Falls

Upper Gledhill Falls is one of the closest waterfalls to the city center. From Sydney Harbour, it’s just a 50 minute drive north into Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park. 

This waterfall is located right at the edge of the park as well, so you don’t need to pay the park entrance fee to get there. 

The tricky thing about this waterfall is that it’s kind of hard to find. There is no sign and no trail, but it’s located right next to the road. 

You’ll need to put the waterfall into your GPS or Google Maps to find it. Once you’ve parked, and walked towards the sound of rushing water, you’re probably at the top of the waterfall. 

It took us a few tries to find the bottom of the waterfall. We trudged through the thick bush a few times before finding our way down the rocks and over to the sandy base of this beautiful cascade.

We were so happy we persevered and eventually found this spot. There was literally no one else there, and this relatively small waterfall was quite powerful. 

I didn’t swim in the pool because it didn’t look super clean, but I walked right up to the waterfall and enjoyed the cool water spraying onto my face. 

  • Location: Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 50 minutes 
  • How To Get There: Navigate towards Mccarrs Creek Road in Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park. Keep your maps or GPS on as there is no sign. Pull over on the side of the road when you’re close and just wander through the woods, following the sound of the waterfall. You will notice a faint trail covered by thick bush, but it does eventually lead to the falls. You have to get creative and crawl down the rocks a bit.
It took us a few tries to find Upper Gledhill Falls, but it was worth it!

6. Jingga Pool

On a warm summer day, Jingga Pool and Waterfall in Dharawal National Park is the perfect escape from the city. 

Embark on the steep, 2.4km hiking trail through the bush and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Also acknowledge and respect that this is the traditional land of the Aboriginal Dharawal people.

Once you arrive at Jingga Pool, go for a refreshing dip in the fresh water and sunbathe on the rocks. 

There is a small waterfall that falls into the swimming hole, courtesy of O’Hare Creek. It’s not very big, but it feels powerful if you swim under it. 

  • Location: Dharawal National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Victoria Road in Dharawal National Park. The sign for the Jingga Walking Track is all the way at the end of Victoria Road. 
jingga pool Dharawal national park
Swimming at Jingga Pool on a hot day feels like heaven.

7. Maddens Falls 

Maddens Falls is a beautiful waterfall near Sydney. It’s much less crowded here in Dharawal National Park than in the Royal National Park or the Blue Mountains.

People of all ages can complete the walk to the falls. It’s only about 15 minutes and the track is on a raised walkway.

When you arrive, you’ll see the water from Maddens Creek cascade over the small rocky cliff and into the natural pools.

The waterfalls are more impressive after rainfall, but in drier weather, you can walk across the top of the falls and get a great view.

  • Location: Dharawal National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive the Old Princes Highway south from Helensburgh until you reach Darkes Forest Road. Continue on this road for 2.5km until you reach the Maddens falls car park. There are signs to the track from there.

8. Adelina Falls

This waterfall is located on one of my absolute favorite walking trails in the Blue Mountains: South Lawson Waterfall Circuit

This easy hiking trail loops through the forest and passes 4 incredible waterfalls. 

If there has been lots of rainfall, the falls are even more impressive. 

Adelina Falls is the first waterfall you’ll see on the trail. I’ve included all 4 falls in the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit on this list because they are all amazing. 

This is such a great trail because if you make the trek out from Sydney, you can see lots of waterfalls in one day. 

  • Location: Lawson, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive to Lawson, a small town near the eastern side of the Blue Mountains. Drive down Honour Ave until you see a sign and a few parking spaces on the side of the road for the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit. 
Adelina Falls

9. Junction Falls

This is the second waterfall you’ll see on the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit. 

Though all 4 main waterfalls are stunning, I thought Junction Falls was the prettiest one. 

There is even another decent-sized waterfall in between Junction Falls and Federal Falls which isn’t named or marked.

If you’re looking for more things to do in the area, check out my article: The Most Amazing Day Hikes in the Blue Mountains!

  • Location: Lawson, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Same as Above
Junction falls waterfalls near Sydney
Junction Falls
Another beautiful, unnamed waterfall on the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit.

10. Federal Falls

Federal Falls is the third main waterfall along the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit. This one has a little sandy beach in front of it. 

Another thing to note about this hiking trail and these waterfalls is that it’s relatively uncrowded. 

The Blue Mountains are such an incredible place, and they are a super popular day trip from the city. 

But most tourists congregate around Katoomba, the main tourist town. Lawson is not very touristy, and when we did this hike we only saw a few other people the entire time. 

  • Location: Lawson, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Same as Above
federal falls waterfalls near Sydney
Federal Falls

11. Cataract Falls

This is the last major waterfall you’ll see on the South Lawson Waterfall Circuit. 

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a rainy day in the Blue Mountains, this trail is a must. 

Cataract Falls also has a secret. At nighttime, there is an impressive glow-worm colony here! 

If you’re brave enough to stay until after dark you may see the shiny blue orbs of the glow worms all around the waterfall. 

  • Location: Lawson, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • How To Get There: Same as Above

12. Wentworth Falls

This is another one of the best waterfalls near Sydney, located in the Blue Mountains. 

Wentworth Falls is also the name of the little town in the Blue Mountains, just a few minutes drive west of Lawson. 

You can reach this multi-tiered, cliffside waterfall via the Wentworth Falls Walking Track

It’s a short, 1.4km trail, but it’s very steep. You’ll literally be walking down the cliffs into the deep valley so you can see Wentworth Falls from the bottom. 

It’s an incredible waterfall, and the short but challenging hike is so worth it. There are lots of great lookouts along the way.

  • Location: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Falls Road in the town of Wentworth Falls. At the end of the road, there is a picnic area where the hiking trail begins.
Wide view of Wentworth Falls – it was pretty dry when we went so there isn’t as much water flowing
wentworth falls blue mountains
At the bottom of Wentworth Falls

13. Empress Falls

Another one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Sydney, Empress Falls is a popular spot in the Blue Mountains. 

Start your adventure by grabbing a coffee or a treat at the Conservation Hut Cafe. The trail to Empress Falls begins right in front of the cafe! 

First, make a quick stop at Evans Lookout for an incredible view over the Valley of the Waters. 

The walk is short but steep, as most waterfall trails are. It should take about an hour to complete the hike. 

Empress Falls is popular for canyoning and abseiling, so you may notice people in harnesses and helmets climbing up and down the waterfall. 

Even if you don’t go canyoning, definitely just jump off the rocks into the deep, cold water at the bottom of the falls for an exhilarating experience. 

Apparently Empress Falls and the Conservation Hut Cafe are temporarily closed as of August 2022 due to the inclement weather we’ve had in Sydney. Check the NSW National Parks website for updates. 

  • Location: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive to the Conservation Hut Cafe on Fletcher Street. Park in the car park and head for the stairs leading to Empress Falls right in front of the cafe. 
empress falls blue mountains
It’s common to see people canyoning and abseiling at Empress Falls.

14. Leura Cascades

Just west of Wentworth Falls is the small town of Leura. Here you can find a small yet beautiful waterfall known as Leura Cascades. 

Leura Cascades sits centrally in the Blue Mountains, and you can reach these little falls by embarking on a short walk from Leura Cascades Picnic Area. 

The falls are also part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, a 7km long walking trail through the heart of the Katoomba area in the Blue Mountains. 

You can combine Leura Cascades with this mighty trek, or just complete the short, easy walk from the picnic area. 

Katoomba Falls is nearby as well, so you can easily combine the two into one visit.

  • Location: Leura, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Leura Cascades Picnic Area, park and follow the signs for the short, easy walking track to the falls. Or complete the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and pass the falls on the way. 

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15. Katoomba Falls

This is one of the most popular waterfalls to visit in the Blue Mountains. 

Katoomba is the main tourist town of the area. Here you’ll find most lodging and restaurant options, Scenic World, and the famous Three Sisters Lookout.

Not far away is Katoomba Falls. This is a tall, multi-tiered waterfall surrounded by lush forest and the dramatic scenery of the Jamison Valley. 

The hike to Katoomba Falls begins at Scenic World, which is also the start of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk mentioned above. 

It’s a 2km circuit trail that takes about an hour to complete. You’ll pass some gorgeous lookouts over the mountains and valleys, as well as multiple viewing platforms to see the waterfall from different angles. 

  • Location: Katoomba, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive to Scenic World and park at the big car park. Follow signs for the Katoomba Falls Round Walk. 
Katoomba falls best waterfalls near Sydney
Katoomba Falls with the famous Three Sisters rock formation in the background.

16. Katoomba Cascades

Katoomba Cascades and Katoomba Falls are different waterfalls, but they are both part of the Kedumba River. 

The Cascades are much smaller and can be reached via a short, 15 minute walk from Katoomba Falls Car Park.

This adorable little waterfall has small pools and sandy patches in front of it. It’s a perfect place to visit with kids who can splash around in the shallow water and climb on the rocks.

You can easily combine this waterfall with a walk to Katoomba Falls or the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. There are lots of intersecting walking trails, so just read the signs. 

  • Location: Katoomba, Blue Mountains
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive to Katoomba Falls Car Park on Cliff Drive, then follow signs for Katoomba Cascades and complete the short walk. 
Katoomba cascades waterfalls near Sydney
Katoomba Cascades are small and charming.

17. Mermaids Pool

One of the more unique and hidden waterfalls near Sydney is Mermaids Pool.

Located near Tahmoor Gorge on the Bargo River, this somewhat secret spot is a real gem of New South Wales.

After following an unmarked dirt trail for just under an hour, you’ll find a wide, natural swimming hole framed by jagged rocks and thick forest.

The Bargo River tumbles off the cliffs and into this magical pool. Right next to the falls, you can cliff jump into the water and float around in this secluded swimming hole.

The waterfall itself doesn’t have a name, but the pool has been dubbed “Mermaids Pool”.

A word of caution: the only way into the pool is by cliff jumping. There are no stairs, signs, or lifeguards. There is limited phone reception out here in the bush. Cliff jump with caution!

The cliff is about 15m high, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. The only way out of the pools is by climbing back up the cliffs next to the waterfall with the aid of a sketchy rope.

All that being said, if you love a thrill and you’re comfortable with cliff jumping and climbing/scrambling, this spot is epic.

Location: Tahmoor
Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 20 minutes
How To Get There: Take the Hume Highway southwest of Sydney until you see the exit for Bargo/Tahmoor. Follow Arina Road until it turns into Rockford Road, and park on the road next to the Rockford Road Bridge. Walk under the bridge and follow the dirt walking trail until you reach the water hole.

The waterfall at Mermaids Pool – this is where you have to scramble back up after cliff jumping.
mermaids pool new South Wales waterfalls near Sydney
Looking out over Mermaids Pool from the jump rock

18. Jump Rock Falls

Heading south of Sydney past Wollongong, there is lots more natural beauty to explore. 

Macquarie Pass National Park is a luscious forest in the Illawarra Escarpment. There are lots of gorgeous waterfalls here, including Jump Rock Falls. 

The trail leading here is rugged and sometimes hard to follow. You have to climb over roots, stumble through muddy spots, and essentially trek through the wilderness. 

It should take about 1-2 hours to hike to the falls and back. 

But the path does eventually lead to a gorgeous little waterfall complete with a relatively deep swimming hole. You can climb up the surrounding rocks and use them as a jump rock for flinging yourself into the water. 

As of July 2022, the NSW National Parks Website still says that Macquarie Pass National Park is closed due to rainfall. I haven’t visited the falls recently, so keep checking for updates or contact them to see if the falls will be open. 

  • Location: Macquarie Pass National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • How To Get There: Drive south past Wollongong on the Princes Highway and head inland when you reach Albion Park. While heading west, look out for signs for Macquarie Pass National Park Cascades Picnic Area. There is a small dirt car park where the trail begins. 
Macquarie pass national park new South Wales Australia travel
It may not look like it, but the pools here are actually deep enough for jumping in!

19. Belmore Falls

For some of the best waterfalls near Sydney, heading southwest to the Southern Highlands area is an amazing idea. 

The Southern Highlands is known for its cool climate, boutique wineries, charming towns, and lush green rolling hills. 

Hidden among the temperate rainforest are some stunning waterfalls!

Belmore Falls is an easy-to-reach waterfall in the Southern Highlands Area. 

Start at the Hindmarsh Lookout for a great view of the falls. Then hike or drive closer to sit at the top of the falls and admire the views of the Upper Kangaroo Valley. 

It’s pretty surreal to stand at the top of a massive plunge waterfall that is over 100m tall. 

Apparently, there used to be a trail all the way to the bottom of the falls, but it’s now closed because it was pretty dangerous. So just admire the falls from the top or from the Hindmarsh Lookout!

  • Location: Southern Highlands/Upper Kangaroo Valley
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to the town of Robertson in the Southern Highlands. Turn onto South Street and follow the signs for Belmore Falls. It’s only 6km from Robertson, and you can park at the Hindmarsh Lookout and then follow the walking track to the top of the waterfall.
waterfalls near Sydney belmore falls
Belmore Falls from the Hindmarsh Lookout
southern highlands travel in new South Wales Australia waterfall nature
Standing at the top of Belmore Falls

20. Carrington Falls

Carrington Falls is another beautiful waterfall in the Southern Highlands area, though this waterfall is technically in the Budderoo National Park area. 

At 160m tall, this impressive waterfall is easy to reach via a short, 0.6km loop trail known as Carrington Falls Walking Track

You can walk right up to the top of this giant waterfall, which is slightly terrifying. But further back away from the edge of the cliff, the freshwater forms a calm stream with lots of little pools in the sandstone. 

It’s a fun place to splash around and wade through the cold, refreshing water. There is also a viewpoint at the start of the walking trail so you can view Carrington Falls in all its glory. 

  • Location: Budderoo National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Carrington Falls Picnic Area in Budderoo National Park. The short walking trail begins right next to the picnic area. 

21. Nellies Glen

Nellies Glen is a dreamy place to spend a hot summer afternoon in Australia. 

Located just a 5 minute drive away from Carrington Falls, you can easily combine the two into one epic day trip from Sydney. 

Nellies Glen is more like a swimming hole than a waterfall, but there is a small falls that tumbles down the surrounding rocks. 

You can swim under the little waterfall and just enjoy soaking in the clear, fresh water. Or go birdwatching, or just relax in the shade of the Eucalyptus trees. 

This is a fun place to bring kids or to have a picnic. Just beware that it can get super crowded on weekends in summer. So it’s best to come on a weekday or visit earlier or later in the day. 

  • Location: Budderoo National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Nellies Glen Picnic Area, it should easily show up in any GPS. There is plenty of parking at the picnic area, though it may get crowded in summer. 

22. Minnamurra Falls

Another one of the best waterfalls near Sydney is Minnamurra Falls.

Surrounded by dense rainforest, Minnamurra Falls feels like it’s in another world, let alone just a couple hours from Sydney. 

The walk to the falls begins at Minnamurra Rainforest Centre. From here, walk along the raised wooden platform that twists and turns through the towering ferns. 

You’ll feel the humidity increase and hear the hum of cicadas as you hike for about 45 minutes to the falls. 

There is no swimming access at Minnamurra Falls, but admiring the gorgeous cascade and breathing in the misty, tropical-feeling air is satisfying enough. 

  • Location: Budderoo National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • How To Get There: Navigate to Minnamurra Rainforest Centre, just west of Kiama. Park anywhere at the Rainforest Centre and follow signs for the Minnamurra Falls Walk
Minnamurra falls best waterfalls near Sydney
Minnamurra Falls, one of the best waterfalls near Sydney

23. Fitzroy Falls

This tall, plunging waterfall surrounded by cliffs and rainforest is worth the 2 hour drive from Sydney.

It is located near the Southern Highlands and is only a 25 minute drive from Belmore Falls. But it is technically in the northern section of Morton National Park, which extends further into the South Coast of New South Wales.

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre has lots of information about Aboriginal culture in the area, as well as maps and guides about activities, hiking trails, and wildlife.

From the visitor centre, it’s a short and easy walk to the viewing platform for this magnificent, 80m tall waterfall.

  • Location: Morton National Park
  • Distance from Sydney: 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • How To Get There: Take the Hume Highway southwest from Sydney. Navitage to the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre at 1301 Nowra Road.
fitzroy falls
Fitzroy Falls

Thanks for reading my list of the best waterfalls near Sydney!

There are actually lots more waterfalls near Sydney that I haven’t been to or haven’t mentioned.

There are Clover Falls, Mulangong Falls, and Rainbow Falls hidden in Macquarie Pass National Park, all of which are still on my bucket list.

National Falls near the town of Waterfall, Elvina Waterfalls in Ku-Ring Gai Chase National Park, and Balaka Falls in Carlingford are more of the best waterfalls near Sydney.

But the waterfalls aren’t going anywhere! Hopefully we all get the chance to see them someday!

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