Reunited with the Wilderness in Wales

Reflecting on my time hiking in Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

Living in London has been a crazy ride so far.

It’s definitely the biggest, most crowded city I’ve ever lived in and I love it.

But sometimes I crave unpolluted air, calming silence, and rich natural landscapes.

So in order to maintain my sanity, I try to venture away from the city once in a while and reconnect with mother nature.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to reunite with nature again in the northern countryside of Wales.

I also hiked the country’s tallest mountain, Mount Snowdon.

This experience was a blessing to my body and to my mind.

I was able to combine the challenging act of hiking for six hours with the exquisite beauty of my surroundings.

snowdonia Wales

Hiking Mount Snowdon

The journey consisted of walking through a dense forest, strolling along a few dusty dirt paths, and clambering over steep areas of unsteady rocks.

I constantly admired the picturesque hills, lakes, and towns in the distance.

The temperature dropped significantly as we climbed higher up the mountain.

A misty fog swallowed up any views of the distant landscape once we reached the summit.

But the overwhelming cloudiness made the experience feel surreal.

After climbing for so long to reach the top of this massive mountain, you look out only to see a vast nothingness.

snowdonia Wales travel

Amazing views

While the summit itself fell victim to the chilly fog, the majority of the hike provided amazing views.

I often saw adorable steam trains, little stone bridges, and sheep and horses grazing peacefully.

The fresh air was untouched by any major forms of pollution and had that pure, clean smell of wilderness.

wildlife wales
snowdonia Wales animals

Snowdonia, Wales was an amazing getaway from London.

The combination of physically conquering the mountain and enjoying the stunning scenery made the weekend in Wales absolutely incredible.

While I actually love living in the exciting city of London, I do find myself missing spending time in nature.

Luckily for me, London is one of the world’s greenest cities and has so many amazing parks to satisfy my need for greenery.

(Check out 10 Most Beautiful Parks in London, UK for more details on those!)

snowdonia Wales hiking

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Traveling to Wales?

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