10 Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

10 things to do in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia. 

For many people living or traveling in Australia, Melbourne is one of their favorite cities. 

It is cosmopolitan, vibrant, artistic, and conveniently located near Victoria’s vineyards, national parks, and the iconic Great Ocean Road

Many backpackers settle in Melbourne, infatuated with the city’s energy and choosing not to leave. 

Plenty of Australians also love Melbourne, raving about its nightlife, cuisine, and culture. 

I finally visited this famous city for the first time, and I can understand why people love it so much. Though I only stayed for one weekend, I had lots of fun experiences in and around the city and gained lots of insights thanks to my local friends. 

So for anyone traveling in Australia and wondering what to do in Melbourne, I hope this article comes in handy.

Here are 10 fun things to do in Melbourne.

melbourne australia
melbourne city streets

10 Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

There are so many fun things to do in Melbourne, from visiting the beach to touring vineyards to exploring the city.

1. Tour the Markets

Markets are an amazing way to see lots of art, design, culture, and cuisine all packed together in one place. 

Queen Victoria Market is the city’s best market. It is open from 6 am to 3 pm (closed Mondays and Wednesdays), and there are endless stalls to browse through.

From handmade Australian hats, to classic touristy trinkets, to a gourmet food market, there is plenty of entertainment here. 

Victoria market melbourne

2. Admire the Art

Melbourne is a notoriously artsy city, and engaging in the art scene is one of the best things to do in Melbourne.

From colorful graffiti art to art museums and galleries, to theater and shows, there is no shortage of artistic talent roaming through the streets of Melbourne. 

For interesting art museums and galleries, check out:

  • Australian Center for Contemporary Art
  • Heide Museum of Modern Art
  • Centre for Contemporary Photography

For graffiti and street art, head to:

  • Union Lane
  • Caledonian Lane
  • Hosier Lane
  • Rose Street
  • Johnston Street
street art graffiti melbourne australia

3. Indulge in the Food

Many big, multicultural cities have lots of delicious food options, and Melbourne is no exception. There are restaurants galore, so just eating is one of the best things to do in Melbourne!

My friends took me to Little Africa, a tiny eastern African restaurant where we tasted lots of flavorful and filling dishes. 

If you want a classic Aussie meal, hit up one of the many cafes selling avocado toast and buckwheat pancakes. 

I ate at a delicious classic Australian cafe called Operator 25, and at a unique vegan cafe called Matcha Mylkbar, and I highly recommend both. 

For a sweet treat, try the fresh handmade doughnuts from the doughnut van at Queen Victoria Market.

melbourne Victoria market

4. Check out the Landmarks

As one of Australia’s most famous cities, Melbourne is packed with significant landmarks.

On a sunny day, you can stroll through the city and check them all out.

Some of Melbourne’s best landmarks that showcase the city’s history and architecture are:

  • Federation Square
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Flinders Street Station
  • Victoria State Library
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • National Gallery of Victoria

A fun way to see all the best Melbourne attractions is by booking a Highlights of Melbourne River Cruise!

flinders station melbourne australia

5. Explore the Parks

Green spaces are essential in big cities. They open up space and release some of the congestion by providing a bit of greenery.

Melbourne has some really nice parks that make the city feel more welcoming.

You can walk or jog, snooze in the shade, play sports, or have a picnic in a park while visiting Melbourne.

Some of the city’s best parts include:

  • Flagstaff Gardens
  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Alexandra Gardens
  • Carlton Gardens
melbourne garden

6. Experience the Party Scene

Enjoying the nightlife is one of the best things to do in Melbourne for those who love to party.

There are crazy, bass-thumping night clubs for the real partiers and plenty of cool, classy bars for those who just want a cocktail or a casual drink.

Some popular nightclubs include:

  • Groundfloor
  • Spice Market
  • The Toff In Town

Some cool cocktail bars include:

  • Lily Blacks
  • Eau De Vie
  • Storyville
  • Boilermaker House
  • 1806

Another one of the best things to do in Melbourne is to visit a rooftop bar. There are plenty to choose from and you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the city and a fun atmosphere. 

Some of Melbourne’s best rooftop bars include

  • Transit Rooftop Bar
  • Rooftop Bar (the name is straight to the point!)
  • Heroes
  • Union Electric Bar
melbourne winery

7. Enjoy the Viewpoints

Melbourne has a gorgeous skyline, so checking it out from an elevated viewpoint is a sight to behold.

If you’re a sucker for aerial views over a city, add some of these viewpoints to your list (in addition to the rooftop bars!).

Shrine of Remembrance: This historical monument dedicated to Australian soldiers who fought in previous wars has a top floor viewing platform with a lovely view of the Melbourne skyline. This viewpoint is also FREE!

Eureka Skydeck: This viewpoint is not free; it costs $23 but for those who want a lavish experience, it is worth it. This is the city’s tallest skyscraper, and after buying a ticket you can soar to the 88th floor to enjoy a crazy view.

things to do in Melbourne shrine of remembrance viewpoint

8. Hit the Beaches

Because Melbourne is such a massive metropolis, it can be easy to forget that there are beaches here. 

In the summer, Melbourne’s beaches become a safe haven from the heat, so head down to St. Kilda in the southeast of the city to sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the coastline.

Another great beach in Melbourne is Brighton Beach, which is famous for its long row of colorful, painted beach huts. 

So in the summertime when the sun is actually out, hitting the beach is one of the best things to do in Melbourne!

Brighton beach huts australia

9. Visit Plenty of Cafes

Melbourne’s cafe scene is famous in Australia.

Aussies are basically obsessed with coffee, and Melbourne has a reputation for having loads of trendy cafes selling top-notch brews.

Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you have to check out a few of Melbourne’s quirky cafes just to soak in the hipster vibes and roasted coffee bean aromas.

And if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you’ll probably become one while staying in Australia.

Some of Melbourne’s best cafes include:

  • Industry Beans
  • Tall Timber
  • Axil Coffee Roasters
  • The Kettle Black
  • Cup of Truth
  • Dukes Coffee Roasters
coffee cafe melbourne australia

10. Go on a few Day Trips

There are so many amazing day trips from Melbourne so you can branch out and see some cool areas in Victoria. 

Wilsons Promontory

If you are looking for a day trip from Melbourne that includes nature, hiking, ocean, and wilderness, Wilsons Promontory is the best place to go.

Full of hiking trails, camping grounds, gorgeous beaches, granite cliffs, wildlife, and more, this national park is stunning.

Mornington Peninsula 

This beautiful peninsula located just to the southeast of the city is an easy and stunning day trip. 

There are lots of picturesque beaches, hikes, and lookout points. 

There are also lots of vineyards and wineries where you can do tastings. Going wine-tasting is one of the most fun things to do in Melbourne on a rainy day (and it rains a lot in Melbourne!). 

winery Mornington peninsula

Yarra Valley

The biggest and most famous wine country in Victoria near Melbourne is the Yarra Valley.

It’s further away than the Mornington Peninsula, but still full of amazing wineries and vineyards. 

Book a full day trip to the Yarra Valley from Melbourne here!

The Great Ocean Road

Probably the most famous trip to do from Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road, and I can definitely say this was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done!

Some people prefer to camp along the Great Ocean Road and spend a few days soaking it all in, but you can easily do it in a day from Melbourne. 

If you don’t have a car, either rent one for the day or book a tour! (Check out this top-rated Great Ocean Road day trip from Melbourne from Get Your Guide)

great ocean road australia ocean views

Thanks for reading my list of the best things to do in Melbourne!

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