San Juan La Laguna Photo Diary

All my best photos from San Juan La Laguna, in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

For the last ten days, I’ve been volunteering at GuateSUP, a paddle-boarding company in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

My life here revolves around paddling, yoga, playing with the dogs, and getting to know the other guests and volunteers.

GuateSUP is based in Panajachel, the most developed of the towns surrounding Lake Atitlán.

Yesterday my friend and I took the day off to venture across the lake and visit some different towns.

traveling guatemala lake atitlan

One of the places we stopped was San Juan La Laguna.

After wandering around this tiny town for a few hours, my happiness was soaring. And my camera’s memory card was on the verge of overloading.

Incredible street art seems to cover every open surface in San Juan La Laguna. And every mural depicts something special about the culture.

The town’s residents are members of the indigenous Mayan ethnic group, Tz’utujil.

These people are known for their preservation of the traditional Mayan lifestyle.

Popular pastimes include weaving and cultivating maize and coffee.

The local community does an amazing job of showcasing their art and culture for tourists.

Art galleries, textile cooperatives, and coffee and chocolate shops fill the streets. Locals are more than happy to explain the art and culture of every item on display.

From the shops bursting with artistic talent to the colorful Mayan street murals, San Juan La Laguna stole my heart.

lake atitlan big mural.jpg
girl earth guatemala lake atitlan.jpg
lake atitlan san juan la laguna guatemala travel.jpg
lake atitlan paintings.jpg
lake atitlan dog guatemala.jpg
lake atitlan tribal mayan art.jpg
san juan la laguna lake atitlan man flute
lake atitlan art gallery.jpg
lake atitlan coffee shop.jpg
travel lake atitlan volcanoes san juan la laguna
lake atitlan women weaving san juan la laguna
san juan la laguna lake atitlan town scenery.jpg
lake atitlan girl street art.jpg
lake atitlan weaving textiles
lake atitlan colorful pot.jpg
lake atitlan colorful woman.jpg
lake atitlan san juan la laguna central america travel.jpg

San Juan La Laguna Viewpoint

San Juan also has a Mirador, or viewpoint.

You have to pay 10Q ($1.30) to climb the uphill trek to the lookout.

But the hike only takes 15 minutes and the views of the surrounding landscape are stunning.

san juan lake atitlan views
san juan mirador lake atitlan
mirador san juan
dogs san juan
san juan mountain
That little wooden structure on the lower hill is the Mirador

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