18 Best Beaches in Jervis Bay

A list of some of the best beaches in Jervis Bay – from famous Hyams Beach to more secluded, secret beaches.

Jervis Bay is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. 

It is located in New South Wales, Australia, about 2 hours south of Sydney, and is home to beaches with some of the whitest sand in the world. 

The beaches in Jervis Bay are honestly breathtaking. Imagine soft, pure white sand that caresses your toes while you walk. Imagine crystal clear, calm water with a turquoise hue. 

Next to the pristine beaches, you can find lush forests filled with wildlife. There are campgrounds, walking trails, and even Booderee National Park which has its own attractions. 

There are also a few charming towns in Jervis Bay such as Vincentia and Huskisson. Here you can grab some food, shop for local goods, and book tours. 

Jervis Bay is an incredible place for a weekend trip from Sydney. It also fits in nicely with a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne

But if you’re a true beach bum, you absolutely have to include Jervis Bay in your Australia itinerary. 

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best beaches in jervis bay
Get ready to explore the best beaches in Jervis Bay!

How To Get To Jervis Bay

Technically, Jervis Bay is its own separate territory known as the Jervis Bay Territory. But it is in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales and you don’t need a passport or ID to get there. 

To reach Jervis Bay, follow the Princes Highway.

This major road follows the NSW east coast all the way down to Melbourne and across to Adelaide. 

Whether you’re heading south from Sydney towards Jervis Bay, or you’re heading north from the NSW South Coast or Melbourne, the Princes Highway passes right next to Jervis Bay. 

There are a few different turn offs that lead into the territory, so just keep your eyes peeled. 

All the beaches in Jervis Bay can be found on Google Maps. Type in the Jervis Bay beaches you wish to visit and you can find the best route. 

jervis bay road
Lots of the roads will look like then when driving through Jervis Bay!

The Best Beaches In Jervis Bay

Now that you know how to get to Jervis Bay, let’s get into it: the best beaches in Jervis Bay!

I am not exaggerating when I say that every single beach here is stunning. 

I’ve visited Jervis Bay about five times now, and every time I am blown away by how gorgeous it is. 

Here is my list of the best beaches in Jervis Bay! I’ll divide them into sections based on geography. 

Huskisson Beaches

Huskisson is one of the main towns in Jervis Bay. There are lots of accommodation options here as well as restaurants and shops.

Whale watching tours in winter often leave from Huskisson as well.  

If you plan on spending a weekend in Jervis Bay and staying at a top-rated local hotel or bed and breakfast, Huskisson is most likely where you’ll stay. 

Here are the top beaches near Huskisson. 

Sunrise in Huskisson: Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

Shark Net Beach

Shark Net Beach is the closest beach to the town center of Huskisson. You can walk there in minutes from town!

This beach got its name because there used to be a shark net in place. 

It’s a relatively small strip of sand that is great for sunbathing at low tide. 

Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach is one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay. It is super accessible as it is located right next to the town center. 

There is plenty of parking around and there are lots of holiday resorts nearby. 

With flat, turquoise water, Huskisson Beach is perfect for kayaking or SUP. Rent kayaks, snorkels, or paddleboards from this local company!

However, because this beach is so centrally located, it can get busy in summertime and on weekends!

Moona Moona Beach

Located at the mouth of the small Moona Moona Creek, this beach is perfect for families and small children. 

The beach itself is small, but there is lots of shallow, calm, and current-free water to splash around in. 

There is also a kid’s playground nearby. 

Book a Jervis Bay whale watching tour or a dolphin watching cruise on Get Your Guide!

White Sands Walk Beaches

The White Sands Walk is one of the best things to do in Jervis Bay. It’s a hiking trail that winds through the forest, passing 5 incredible beaches along the way. 

The trail is 2.5km one way and can take a couple of hours to complete. You can walk the entire thing and see all of these beaches, or just walk part of it and spend more time at a smaller number of beaches. 

Hyams Beach

Every list of the best beaches in Jervis Bay has to include the famous Hyams Beach. 

Known for having some of the whitest sand in the world, Hyams Beach is just as beautiful as you’d expect it to be. 

This long stretch of beach has sand made up of microscopic quartz crystals, which is how it remains so purely white.

Because Hyams Beach is the most popular of the Jervis Bay beaches, it can get very crowded. Especially in the summer months (Dec-Feb), expect to share the beach with lots of other people!

But Hyams Beach is definitely still worth a stop. 

Hyams Beach is at the southern end of the White Sands Walk. 

hyams beach best beaches in jervis bay
The famous Hyams Beach
Jervis bay, white sand, new South Wales, travel in Australia hyams beach
Some of the whitest sand in the world!

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach, as well as the other beaches on the White Sands Walk, are just as gorgeous as Hyams Beach. But they are generally far less crowded!

Chinamans Beach is just north of Hyams Beach and has the same soft white sand and crystal clear water. 

There are tall Eucalyptus trees framing the beach and the water is calm. 

Greenfield Beach

Just north of Chinamans Beach is Greenfield Beach. This might be my favorite beach on the White Sands Walk. 

You have to walk down a relatively steep staircase through the bush to reach this beach that feels like a hidden secret. 

At the top of the stairs is a large picnic area with tables and BBQs. This is a good spot to have a picnic lunch before exploring more of the best beaches in Jervis Bay. 

greenfield beach white sands walk
Greenfield Beach

Blenheim Beach

A short walk north of Greenfield Beach will bring you to Blenheim Beach.

Blenheim Beach is one of the smallest beaches on the White Sands Walk and it’s great for families and children. There is amazing snorkeling and the water is shallow and calm. 

There is also a nearby picnic area, and it’s easy to reach by walking or driving in as opposed to completing the hiking trail. 

Nelsons Beach

Nelsons Beach is the northernmost beach on the White Sands Walk. 

If you’re hiking from north to south, you can park at Nelsons Beach Playground near Plantation Point Reserve and begin the walk from there. 

This beach has a long stretch of white sand and is often uncrowded. 

It’s also the closest beach to the town of Vincentia, so it’s a convenient spot if you need to run into town. 

Booderee National Park Beaches

Booderee National Park is a protected area of natural beauty at the southern end of Jervis Bay. 

There are some amazing campgrounds here where you can spend the night sleeping under the gum trees and waking up to the sound of kookaburras. 

Because this is a national park, there is not much development or commercialization here. It’s quiet and peaceful, which means the beaches are also uncrowded. 

Here are some of the best Booderee National Park beaches in Jervis Bay. 

booderee national park
Booderee National Park is stunning.

Green Patch Beach

This small and stunning beach is located just a short walk from Green Patch Campground. 

Green Patch Campground is an awesome place to camp. There are toilets, hot showers, and communal BBQ fire pits. 

You can access Green Patch Beach on a short walk from the campground.

Iluka Beach

Just north of Green Patch Beach is Iluka Beach, a long stretch of pristine white sand. 

The water here is incredibly calm, flat, and clear. 

Because Iluka Beach is pretty large and it’s in the national park, there’s a good chance you can find a spot of ocean or sand without any other people around. 

Even on a sunny weekend in the summertime, when every Australian is at the beach, Iluka Beach still somehow remains uncrowded!

iluka beach best beaches in jervis bay
Iluka Beach
Iluka beach
Swimming at Iluka Beach with no one else around!

Steamers Beach

The perfect place to immerse yourself in nature is Steamers Beach. 

This amazing, secluded beach in Booderee National Park can only be accessed via a 2.3km walk through the forest.

Park at the Steamers Beach parking area, and follow the marked trail. There are some steep parks, so it’s recommended to have decent shoes instead of just flip-flops. 

Once you arrive at Steamers Beach, you just might have the whole place to yourself. 

Scottish Rocks

Scottish Rocks is a breathtaking spot in Jervis Bay, and it’s quite hidden. 

White driving through Booderee National Park, there is a small sign on the side of the Jervis Bay Road for Scottish Rocks. 

Park at the tiny parking area and follow the woodland trail. You’ll emerge from the bush at one of the most gorgeous beaches in Jervis Bay!

Scottish Rocks feels like a secret spot. There are unique rock formations nestled in between the white sand and the turquoise water. 

scottish rocks trail
The woodland trail towards Scottish Rocks
scottish rocks best beaches in jervis bay
Scottish Rocks

Cave Beach

Located even deeper in Booderee National Park is Cave Beach. 

Surrounded by Tea Trees, rugged rocks and cliffs, and great surfing waves, Cave Beach has a more wild feel to it than the other Jervis Bay beaches. 

While most beaches in Jervis Bay are protected from the Pacific Ocean, Cave Beach lies on the outer edge of the Booderee National Park peninsula and is more exposed. 

So instead of calm, flat water, here you’ll find bigger waves and more swell. 

Cave Beach Campground is a stunning and secluded spot to camp. 

The campground has toilets, BBQs and cold showers, but it is located 300 meters from the parking lot. So you have to carry all your camping equipment in.

Bherwerre Beach

Located just south of Cave Beach, Bherwerre Beach is another one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay to escape the crowds. 

This large beach is perfect for swimming and surfing. It’s also popular for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. 

There are lots of seabirds and waterbirds that call the nature around Bherwerre Beach home. 

Murrays Beach

Easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Jervis Bay, Murrays Beach is a hotspot in Booderee National Park. 

Murrays Beach is popular for snorkeling and diving. 

Even though it can get a bit crowded, you’ll still feel like you’re on a tropical island paradise. The vibrant blue water laps against the white sand beach, while lush forest towers in the distance. 

You can follow the Murray’s Beach hiking trail up through the forest to the Governor Head Lookout. 

From the lookout, you can see Bowen Island. Keep your eyes peeled for penguins, as there is a small penguin colony on Bowen Island!

murrays beach jervis bay
Murrays Beach
Bowen Island from Governors Head Lookout jervis bay
Looking out at Bowen Island from Governors Head Lookout

Beaches on the Beecroft Peninsula

While Booderee National Park makes up the southern section of Jervis Bay, the Beecroft Peninsula makes up the northern headland. 

Here you’ll find towering sandstone cliffs, the historic Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, and of course, amazing beaches. 

Here are some of the best beaches in Jervis Bay on the Beecroft Peninsula. 

Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay Beach is one of the most popular spots on the peninsula. 

It is a picturesque little cove with scenic views and calm water for snorkeling, paddling, kayaking, and more. 

There is a bush campground next to Honeymoon Bay that is open on weekends and public holidays. 

Check this website for more info about rates and how to book your spot.

Camping here is a remote experience as there are no showers, power, or drinking water. As long as you bring your supplies you can enjoy a stunning weekend off the grid surrounded by Aussie wildlife and the beauty of nature. 

Cabbage Tree Beach

This is a popular beach to visit for sunset. Cabbage Tree Beach is much quieter and less crowded than Honeymoon Bay, so you might have the place all to yourself. 

The water is incredible. Clear, calm, and protected from wind and ocean swell by the Beecroft peninsula, Cabbage Tree Beach is easily one of the most beautiful spots in the area. 

Long Beach

Long Beach is another one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay. It’s not far from Honeymoon Bay so you can stop here for a change of scenery if you’re camping at Honeymoon Bay Campground. 

With a 2km long stretch of sand, Long Beach is an incredible place to spend a sunny day. 

Here is some of the most vibrant turquoise water you can find in Jervis Bay. Not only is the water just stunning to look at, it’s crystal clear when you get up close. 

Long Beach is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing surrounded by natural beauty. 

Thanks for reading my list of the best beaches in Jervis Bay!

If you’re traveling through New South Wales, be prepared to see countless gorgeous beaches and lots of beautiful nature. Here are some other handy tips for traveling through Australia:

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murrays beach
Murrays Beach
Chinamans beach jervis bay
Chinamans Beach
scottish rocks
Scottish Rocks

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18 best beaches in jervis bay

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