A Colorful Week in Bermuda

Highlight from my travels in Bermuda.

Bermuda is the land of parties and picturesque beaches, of bright colors and bold personalities, of flavorful reggae music and hidden treasures.

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I only stayed in Bermuda for five days, but I’m fortunate enough to have packed endless excitement into that short time frame.

The most captivating part of this small British territory was the colors. Whether implemented by humans or created by nature, the beauty of the island never ceased to amaze me.

Every building was slathered in bright, pastel paint, turning the cities and towns into works of art. Even inside the home I stayed in, every wall sported either cerulean blue, pale orange, or lilac purple.

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Best Fish Sandwich in Bermuda

One day during my trip, we ventured out to the “ghetto” for Bermuda’s best fish sandwich from Art Mel’s. I noticed that this sketchy area still exploded with beautiful colors, making it the most charming ghetto I’ve ever seen.

A brief comment on the fish sandwich: it was larger than my face and extremely delicious.

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Beaches of Bermuda

The natural colors of Bermuda did not disappoint either. Every beach had crystal clear water that collided with jagged rock formations and rolled over velvety pink sand.

I have to say that this combination of bright, turquoise ocean and soft pink sand makes Bermuda win the prize for best beaches I’ve ever seen.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Elbow Beach and Chaplin Bay Beach were the three most beautiful beaches I visited.

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Adventure Activities in Bermuda

Whenever I was not raving over the beauty of the island’s colorful atmosphere, I was enjoying the Bermudian culture.

I visited during the week of Emancipation Day, Beach-fest, and the annual cricket Cup Match, so the island thrived with celebration.

From wild nightclubs, to all day beach parties, to the thrill of the cricket match, a constant sense of excitement followed me during my trip.

Aside from partying, we embarked on a few adventures including hydrobiking, cliff jumping, and climbing the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

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The coolest thing we did was swim in an abandoned cave. After hiking through muddy trails in the woods, we discovered an eerie cave with stone steps that led down into the darkness, revealing a pool of clear water.

Floating in the calm water and staring up at the massive stalactites that hung overhead was a mystical and awesome experience that I will never forget.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit this amazing island. I was lucky to be able to stay with a girl my age who showed me Bermudian life from a local’s perspective.

All the delicious food we ate came from tiny, hole-in-the-wall places that tourists wouldn’t find, and the family I spent time with was so welcoming, generous, and friendly. My trip may have been short, but it was incredible.

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