Sibiu Romania

Why I Fell In Love With Sibiu, Romania

My experience in the charming town of Sibiu, Romania.  The best love is unexpected love. When something new just appears out of nowhere and snatches up your heart, there is simply no greater joy. That is why I love traveling to unexpected destinations. Popular tourist cities are so well-known that however stunning they may be, …

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Hidden Gems of Europe

Hidden gems of Europe: 8 underrated European cities that offer authentic, intimate travel experiences. Travelers flock to Europe because there are so many beautiful cities. And they're all so close to each other! Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, are all incredible and famous places in Europe. These cities attract tourists from all over the …

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10 Best Places To Visit In Croatia

While traveling in Eastern Europe, here are the best places to visit in Croatia. Lokrum Island, Croatia As a relatively small nation in southeast Europe, Croatia is often overshadowed by more well known Mediterranean destinations like Italy or Greece. But the breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural history of this country has started to attract more …

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Why I Fell In Love With Croatia

Stories from my travels in Croatia. Picking a favorite travel destination is near impossible. But out of all the traveling I've done so far, Croatia stands out as one of the best. Why I Fell In Love With Croatia As a huge sucker for natural beauty, Croatia's landscape amazed me every single day. Despite the …

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European Food Appreciation Post

An article dedicated to the simplicity and culture of various food dishes around Europe. There are few things in this world that excite me more than food. I could discuss recipes, restaurants, health benefits, and any other food-related topic for hours on end. So naturally, my second blog post must illustrate the wonders of food. Because I did …

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