19 Things Copenhagen Taught Me

Thoughts from my weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I am still captivated by the cozy charm of Copenhagen after taking a brief trip there earlier this week.

In order to convey the wonderful experience of a young independent traveler in Denmark’s quaint capital city, I’ve made a list of some things I learned during my visit.

copenhagen budget travel canal

  1. Canals are a beautiful addition to any city.
  2. It’s always uplifting to find random inspirational messages when exploring a town.
  3. Christmas lights can turn any building into a glittering holiday masterpiece.
  4. It’s never too cold for ice cream; numb hands simply turn holding the ice cream into an exciting challenge.
  5. Therefore, the solution to cold hands is buying a heartwarming cup of spicy mulled wine.
  6. Climbing a tower always turns out to be more exhausting than you thought.
  7. However, the view from the top of said tower is always worth it.
  8. A gorgeous sunset always goes nicely with said view from the top of said tower.tower in copenhagen denmark travel
  9. Savory crepes might even be more amazing than sweet crepes.
  10. Graffiti is more appealing when it sends a nice message.
  11. When exploring a city, always make an effort to visit green areas and spend some quality time with nature.
  12. Every store in Copenhagen puts a substantial amount of effort into elaborate displays of beautiful Christmas decorations.
  13. It’s all too easy to spend a whole afternoon in a poster shop if you’re not conscious of time.
  14. Tivoli is the physical embodiment of the holiday spirit. Every path reveals a different array of festive lights and sparkling tinsel, while golden archways and colorful bridges turn the whole park into a glistening Christmas phenomenon. (Book your skip-the-line tickets to Tivoli here!)tivoli garden views travel copenhagen denmark
  15. Hostels that serve free breakfast are the best kind of hostels.
  16. The Royal Library epitomizes modern architecture with its interesting angles, sleek interior, and massive glass windows.
  17. The adorable atmosphere of a cafe never changes no matter what European country you venture to.
  18. The colorful waterfront buildings of Nyhavn provide a stunningly saturated and vibrant sight, even through gray rainy weather.
  19. A trip to the Botanical Garden Greenhouse allows one to meander through warm tropical temperatures and mingle with massive exotic plants, despite being in a cold, rainy, flat, northern European country.

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