Cronulla Drone Photography

Here is some of my recent Cronulla drone photography!

I’ve been wanting a drone for a while, so I did some research and decided to buy a DJI Mavic Mini this past April. It’s a lightweight drone that is high-quality yet affordable and good for beginners.

Cronulla, a southern suburb of Sydney, Australia, has been an amazing place to test it out! Cronulla is like Bondi, but less crowded. I love it here, and there’s lots of safe and beautiful spots for practicing my photography.

So here are some of my favorite shots from the last few months.

I’ll organize the photos by location, and list them in order from north to south along the coastline.

Cronulla Drone Photography

Potter Point, Kurnell

This spot is technically in Kurnell, not Cronulla. But it’s just past the northern point of Cronulla, and you can look over the Cronulla coastline from there.

Potter Point is popular for snorkeling and diving. The rocks are jagged and white, and the water is brilliantly blue. It’s a beautiful place and there’s rarely other people there.

Sydney australia landscape
Sydney australia ocean drone photography

Elouera Beach and North Cronulla Beach

This long strip of sand is 5 km long and is officially home to four beaches. From north to south they are Greenhills Beach, Wanda Beach, Elouera Beach, and North Cronulla Beach.

The waves are always full of surfers, and the grassy parks nearby are always full of families, dogs, and athletes getting some exercise.

surf waves sunrise beach cronulla drone photography
surfers cronulla drone photography
sunrise beach cronulla Sydney Australia
beach Sydney australia drone

South Cronulla Beach

South Cronulla Beach is the main hub of the area. The center of town is just a short walk away, so people tend to congregate around the beach and the park here.

There are two rock pools just north of South Cronulla Beach, which look gorgeous in photos.

sky colors cronulla drone photography
cronulla drone photography ocean sunset Sydney
cronulla drone photography sunset
cronulla drone photography sunrise over ocean pool
cronulla drone photography ocean pools
cronulla drone photography rock pool

Blackwoods Beach

Blackwoods Beach is probably my favorite beach in Cronulla.

It’s pretty secluded and you have to climb down the steep rocks to get there. During summer, it gets crowded but during winter and the COVID lockdown, it’s often deserted.

blackwoods beach cronulla Sydney
blackwoods beach cronulla drone photography
Sydney australia beach sunrise photography
Sydney australia sunrise

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach, just south of Blackwoods Beach, is most famous for the Shelly Beach Rock Pool.

This large, rectangular pool is so nice for swimming without the crashing waves.

There is also a huge park with picnic tables nearby, so this is a great spot for relaxing, sunbathing, exercising, or having a picnic or bbq.

drone photography australia travel
Shelly Beach Cronulla drone photography
cronulla drone photography Shelly Beach

Oak Park

As you continue down the coast past Shelly Beach, you’ll reach another lovely ocean pool and park.

Because Oak Park is further down the Cronulla peninsula and away from the town center, it’s very quiet and peaceful down here.

Side note: I always try to edit people out of my drone photos, even if you can barely see them. It’s important to protect the privacy of the random people who may show up in the photo, especially those who are swimming in rock pools.

I don’t have photoshop and my editing isn’t impeccable, but I just wanted to mention this!

oak park cronulla sydney cronulla drone photography
oak park cronulla sydney australia
oak park cronulla drone photography

South Cronulla and Salmon Haul

Around the southern tip of the Cronulla Peninsula is stunning. The water is calm, and I’ve spotted dolphins here a few times.

It’s a very residential area full of nice houses, and across the river mouth you can see Bundeena and the Royal National Park.

Salmon Haul is a quiet, secluded beach and swimming area tucked away in a corner of south Cronulla. Just behind it is Cronulla Harbor.

south cronulla drone photography travel
salmon haul cronulla drone photography
salmon haul cronulla sydney australia

☼ ☼ ☼

Thanks for checking out my Cronulla Drone Photography!

I’m still a newbie with a drone, but I love capturing the beauty of where I live from a new perspective.

Flying a drone near the coast is great because you don’t have to worry about too many obstacles. Check out this article from World Nomads about ethical drone flying, I found it very useful!

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